“2015 I was a delivery driver for a food service company. I had to go out with shoulder surgery and was out of work for about six months. When I got back to work after a month, I was let go.”

“People in our market center believed in us. And at that moment we knew that failure wasn’t an option.”

“It just blows my mind that 12 months ago we were on food stamps and on Medicaid. And here we are a year later, we’ve taken four vacations.”

Keller Williams is all about creating opportunities and about funding people’s lives. We’re committed to helping our people achieve more. Are you looking for a new career path? Or maybe just a change? Have you ever considered becoming a real estate agent? Are you already an agent but you need more from your brokerage? Come to Career Night and find out how Keller Williams Realty can change your life, and help your business flourish.