California Real Estate License Application deficiencies such as failure to submit the proper fee, educational requirements, or completed Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) will delay processing. You may check to verify that your license has been issued by referencing the license status look up at Current processing time frames for properly completed applications are posted on the Website.

Here are 5 Common Real Estate Licensing Application Deficiencies per the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE).
1. Incorrect Form
2. Missing signatures
3. Incomplete Documents
4. Missing broker information
5. Missing valid contact information i.e. email address and current phone number

5 Common Real Estate Licensing Application Deficiencies per CalBRE

Things to Remember to avoid common application deficiencies
1. If completing a form, use the fill in features on the document from CalBRE website
2. Make sure you thoroughly review the form/answer all questions
3. Don’t forget to sign the form(s)

For Keller Williams La Quinta Real Estate School students, we will help you fill out the application!