Licensing and Examination Activity

The number of applications for salesperson examinations administered has decreased by 3% from 2018–19 when compared to 2017–18, while the number of broker examinations administered decreased by 1% during that same period. The issuance of new salesperson licenses has increased by 0.5% over the last fiscal year, while the issuance of new broker licenses increased by 1%.

California Real Estate Exam Pass Rate
From FY 2017-18, there were 44,165 exams administered, but only 23,648 people passed the California real estate exam and became a licensed salesperson. That’s around a 53.5% pass rate for test takers. Please note that these statistics do not give us the passing rate for first-time exam takers. Also the Real Estate License may not have been issued in the same month when Examinees passed the exam. In some case, even though Examinees passed the Real Estate exam, they might not have completed the application to receive the license.

Licensing Population
License renewals for 2018–19 among salespersons and brokers remained steady, with 80% of all salespersons and 93% of all brokers renewing their licenses. By the end of 2018–19, the licensing population was 423,810, which included 131,442 brokers and 292,368
salespersons. This reflects an increase of 1% over the number of licensees in the prior fiscal year. Furthermore, in 2018–19, 25,445 MLOs successfully renewed their license endorsement, and by the end of 2018–19, 25,475 MLOs were either in an approved or approved-inactive status.

Bottom Line
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