For the purposes of complying with Business and Professions Code section 10156.2, which allows for continued operation upon the proper submittal of a California Real Estate license renewal application, the following items are required to be filed (postmarked) before midnight of the last day of the period for which a previous license was issued:

  1. Appropriate renewal application for license type.
  2. Applicable renewal fee (See RE 206).
  3. Good faith evidence of compliance with continuing education requirements pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 10170.

Only licensees who submit all three of the above requirements are considered an “on-time renewal” and are permitted to continue to operate under his or her existing license after its specific expiration date, if not previously suspended or revoked, unless notified otherwise by the Department of Real Estate. As always, the Department highly encourages licensees to not wait until the last minute to renew. Broker and salesperson licensees can use the Department’s eLicensing system to renew their license. All licensees may mail in the renewal application package as early as 90 days prior to the license expiration date.

This article was originally posted on Real Estate Bulletin Spring 2019 by CalDRE.