How to become a real estate agent is something more than 14,000 people Google every month in America. And for good reason: Helping people buy the perfect home is really exciting! So what are the odds you’ll pass the California Real Estate Exam? Currently, CalBRE does not establish a minimum or maximum percentage passing rate. But we can compare how many Salesperson Examinations are administered and licenses issued.

Please note that these statistics do not give us the passing rate for first-time exam takers. We met a person who failed 4 times before she finally passed the California Real Estate Exam. She became our student and after taking our Live Exam Prep Course she passed the exam. Also, note that the Real Estate License may not have been issued in the same month when Examinees passed the exam. In some case, even though Examinees passed the Real Estate exam, they might not have completed the application to receive the license.

From July 2017 to March 2018, there were 40,173 exams administered, but only 17,792 people passed the California real estate exam and became a licensed salesperson, according to Bureau of Real Estate Forum May 4, 2018 Presentation in Sacramento.

That’s around a 44% pass rate for test takers. This percentage is not evidence of – nor does it support the assertion – that the California Real Estate Exam is “easy to pass”.

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What is the passing rate for the California Real Estate Exam?