Cheating on Continuing Education Jeopardizes Your Real Estate License

The Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) has, over the past decade, filed many disciplinary actions withdrawing approval of the courses offered by continuing education and pre-license course providers. In most cases, course providers were allegedly allowing continuing education and pre-license course certificates to be sold to licensees and potential licensees without requiring them to actually take the courses.

In addition to the alleged actions of the course providers, CalBRE has found real estate licensees and prospective licensees who sought to renew their licenses or apply for an exam by circumventing the education requirements set by Real Estate Law rather than legitimately completing the required hours of continuing education. To prevent this activity, CalBRE monitors the offerings of all approved California Real Estate License course providers. CalBRE also reviews the continuing education submitted by licensees with renewal applications, whether submitted through eLicensing or by mail, and reviews the pre-license education submitted by prospective licensees with their exam applications. Any licensee found to have renewed their license by fraud, e.g., using continuing education that he or she has not actually completed, will be subject to disciplinary action. Any prospective licensee who is found to have obtained a license by fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit, e.g., using pre-license education that he or she has not actually completed, will also be subject to disciplinary action, including possible license denial.

Licensees are encouraged to consider that the requirement to complete 45 hours of continuing education over a four-year period is an opportunity to better protect and care for their clients, learn about new laws and requirements, refresh their knowledge and skills, and enhance their livelihoods. Any licensee, or prospective licensee, who is entertaining the idea of renewing their license or obtaining a California Real Estate license using fraudulently obtained continuing education or pre-license courses should carefully consider the consequences before submitting that information to CalBRE. Individuals who attempt to circumvent the Real Estate Law are placing their license, or ability to obtain a California Real Estate license, in jeopardy.

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